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Copper Catkin showcases the designs, artwork, and concepts of Cat Drayer.
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Cat Drayer

Kia ora, I am Cat Drayer, a Wellington-based surface designer. I live with my wonderful husband and our furry children, Lizzie the dog and Shasha and Loki, the cats, on our own little slice of paradise in Aotearoa. I love to draw, but that doesn’t stop me from turning my hand to other arts and crafts media, such as painting, sculpture, embroidery, and sewing.

Copper Catkin, or a tale of three C’s

Copper Catkin is the forum in which I share the fun things that pop into my head and demand to be given an outlet.My passion is primarily for drawing – but I need art to be functional, so I justify my drawings by turning them into something tangible. I make earrings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, and other jewellery, sealing my artwork under glass. I also have my designs custom-printed onto fabrics, which I then turn into fun accessories.

I came up with the ‘Copper Catkin’ name some time ago. The contradiction appealed to me – the fluffy catkin, made of shiny metal. I chose copper as a nod to my interest in all things Steampunk, and I have loved catkins since I was a wee kitling myself. The combination of soft plant and hard metal is also a quiet homage to NZ’s silver fern. 

The logo is based on ‘C’ to the power of three – the third ‘C’ being my name – and the heart emoticon incorporates that superscript ‘3’ to represent the loving marriage of technology and creativity.

Under this banner, I have created drawings, paintings, jewellery, clothing designs, mugs, and fabrics – I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them!

What else do we offer?

As a surface designer, I am always bringing out new products. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!