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A La Mojo Photoshoot

Sometimes, you need a boost

I have recently had custom swimming togs and several clothes made for me by local sewists, and I didn’t want to sell their hard work short by not having them photographed properly – plus, I am making some big changes in my life, so this was a great time to take a second and celebrate.

Body positivity

My weight has fluctuated over the years, with all kinds of causes – medication, mental illness, sports injuries, and simple lack of time getting in the way of permanent progress. These are all reasons – I have the choice whether or not to also use them as excuses.

Looking like a stranger


On my way to the photoshoot


During the photoshoot


At the end of the shoot

It’s been a minute since the actual photoshoot – almost a year, actually, looking at the date I started to write this post – it took me a while to adjust to how I looked in the photos. As many of you probably know, I don’t really “do” hair and make-up, so it was a bit of a shock to see pictures of me made up and styled in a way that I would never have done myself – but that was very much the point!

The process

It took me a frustratingly long time to settle into being photographed – I am just not a good model. I get awkward, and start acting out in weird ways. Eventually, I settle into it, but that’s usually at the end of the photoshoot – as was the case here.
(((((awkward smile)))))
It’s weird – I am not self-conscious in the usual way – I have no issue with public costume changes, or anything other than the part where I am the sole focus of attention.

Mandi did her best to manage my issues, and we got quite a few nice photos. The location is gorgeous, and gives you the best possible opportunity to look and feel great. 

​Eventually, I figured out how to remember that my body was a vehicle for my designs, and calmed down. Well, mainly.

Click on the images below if you would like to purchase the fabric, or the shirt.

​I am wearing the black tri-blend tee in 2XL. 

I am absolutely incapable of blowing a bubble with gum.

The outfits

I worked with a local seamstress and designer, Kimble Designs, to try to turn my vision into clothes – some were more successful than others, but it was a great learning experience! 
I also finally got to debut my new togs by Swanwear, which were just awesome. 
Visit this blog post for more about the fabric designs and choices for this piece:
This dress features two of my most popular designs:
Blueberry Bushes, and Poppies.

The exact designs are below; click on the image to purchase the fabric.

These designs feature native birds on harakeke (NZ flax) and kōwhai; both can be found in my native birds collection.

​The exact designs are below; click on the image to purchase the fabric.

Infinity Scarves

Every one of my scarves is unique – I never do the exact same combination twice. Both of these are sold, although you can still purchase the fabric designs on Spoonflower.

​The exact designs are below; click on the image to purchase the fabric.
This scarf features poppies on one side, and butterflies on the other. 
This scarf has ​kererū on plaid on one side, and blueberries on the other.

The verdict?

Modelling is HARD. IF you want to get your products looking their best, get a professional model AND a professional photographer, and trust them – they know how to get the job done. It was an important and valuable experience for me – I really enjoy looking at these photos, with a bit of distance. 

Contact A La Mojo

The A La Mojo website spiel is definitely appropriate for this blog post! It was hard work, but Mandi and Craig got me there 🙂

“​Designed specifically for women and girls who struggle to feel comfortable in front of the camera.
We take the time necessary to peel back the emotional layers that end up ruining your photos.   The awkward mask of self-doubt…we blow that out of the water, and turn your inner beauty into Art.”

Click on the photo to visit their website!

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  1. I too had a photo shoot with Mandy and was blown away by the results and like you I don’t do hair and make up but the results bought me to tears! Even though it was over 4 years ago I still remember it well. Mandy has just done a photo shoot for the ‘Bird in a cage’ and my granddaughter was featured in that.

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