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Bearded Fashion-Plate Ladies


Yes, bearded fashion-plate ladies. 


So I have been watching a lot of Drag Race and Project Runway for company while I work, and whilst most of my designs have been fairly PG and ‘normal’, if quirky, every now and then, the full-on whimsical side has to get an airing. So, here are some ‘fashion’ poses with a beardy twist. ​I’ve been drawing this kind of elongated figure since I was a kid – it’s fun!
I’ve given them a sneaky soft-launch in the jewellery, mainly because I just didn’t have the time to post about them!
I admit, I also get a bit bored with the ‘standard’, mainstream options for sewing projects, so I am making these available as colour-cut-and sew dolls! I’ve just finished drawing the backs, too. Parental guidance recommended. They will be available in colour-cut-and-sews within the next month or so – keep an eye out for them!
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