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Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly

The Very Crafty Caterpillar

 As a market event organiser, and a stallholder with a few years’ experience under my belt, I often get asked for advice by people considering giving markets a go themselves. 
I have watched small businesses come and go over the years, and had several first-timers at my own events.
I like to use the life cycle of a butterfly as a good example of how things can work out for a nascent business – as long as the caterpillar stallholder stocks up on plenty of knowledge, planning, and products before taking its shot at butterflydom, they have a reasonable shot at success.

To help identify levels of experience, we classify our makers according to the following criteria:

Level 0 – Caterpillar – not approved to sell at Wrought but has potential
Level A – Chrysalis or other new sellers – approved to sell on half-sized stalls
Level B – Butterfly – Standard approved sellers
Level C – Sellers approved for showcase spots – experienced makers who have the capability to stock and fill a showcase stall space professionally and attractively, and who can demonstrate a skill or give workshops onsite.

​Some of the questions I hear a lot as an organiser are:

  • Will I have enough stock?
  • How do I choose my price point?
  • Can I be sure that I will cover my costs?
  • How do I set up my stall?
  • How should I interact with my customers?

​We can help you with all of these questions and more through the Copper Catkin Consulting Caterpillar Courses. 

​These courses are bite-sized online classes, delivered in a 5-day email series, that culminate in a quiz and two physical workshops where you can try out your stall design and fine-tune your sales skills before your very first market.


Stallholders whose displays meet requirements will also receive their Wrought Chrysalis ticket, which gives access to the 3-market Chrysalis package.  Stallholders who complete their goals and then meet requirements will also be eligible for the Chrysalis ticket upon completion. Please note that putative stallholders who do not complete the course (including meeting their goals), or who do not pass the assessments, will not be eligible for the Chrysalis package, and may not be approved as Wrought sellers.

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