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Copper Catkin Consulting

The Story

I have recently launched the consultancy branch of my business – Copper Catkin Consulting. I noticed that I just kept getting asked for ideas and tips on how I set up my stalls, so I decided to do something about it!

My motivation

Sometimes, it’s just too hard to get started on something you know you need to do – and I seem to be good at helping people with that, so here I am! 

Trouble getting your ducks in a row?

To start with, ​I’m offering a free mini-makeover for stallholders, to help people focus their stall offering.
I emphasise 5 major principles:

  • Dress (your stall) for success
  • Keep it Fresh
  • Layers
  • Flavour
  • Hook

At the end of the course, which consists of 5 days, stallholders have the tools to give their stall a powerful, sales-boosting makeover. 

The course is delivered by means of a series of 5 daily emails. In an ideal world, people do the exercises for each day as they arrive, and then post their results in the purpose-built Facebook group for discussion. We know that this isn’t an ideal world – life gets in the way, That’s why the course isn’t structured on a Monday-Friday format. When you are ready, you post your next day’s exercise in the group.  If you want to see what everyone else has been up to, just search the group by that day’s hashtag. 

The flexibility means that anyone can join at any time, and people can post when they’re ready. It also means that I can dip in whenever and add another thought for that day’s hashtag – so if you’re in the group, you can keep checking for different days and get new material 🙂

That’s great, but I don’t want to stop here…

I know that once the ideas are flowing, it can be really hard (and counter-productive) to stop – which is why I have designed a couple of quick solutions to help people get to the next stage – a 30-minute online brainstorm, and a photo essay called the Flavour UP! package. For each of these, I do a short, sharp burst of ideas, and then the stallholder can go away and process. 

Feeling a need to binge? 

I get a bit obsessed when an idea is forming – and I think that’s a very normal thing for creative people. When someone removes whatever block was in the way, you can hardly dam the rush of exciting thoughts and plans. That’s why I also have an hourly consulting option, for people who just need to crank through it and get that one-on-one time. 

So… what’s next?

I’m going to start offering other things – guided shopping trips, stall display coaching sessions, sales training (including my own sales process), and other coaching classes. I have a lot of other ideas, too, but they’re still incubating 🙂 
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