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Kiwiautomata – one year on

A year ago, my nephew was turning three, and I was designing an artwork for his wall. People had been asking me for a Kiwiana range recently, and wee Mr. almost-3 was a big fan of robots at the time, so that’s what I made. The number of characters was driven by the letters in his name – and the stripe in the background, as with many of my stripes, is actually derived from a word, written in barcode font. In this case, it’s my nephew’s name.
As anticipated, this ended up being one of my most popular designs. One of my favourite things about NZ is how much we love and value our native flora and fauna. 
One year on, I have this range available in every product line that I make – jewellery, custom-printed fabrics and accessories, colourables, and hand-made craft accessories.
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