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Back in September 2013, I decided to make a soft-toy shark. I was enjoying my life in my tiny, colourful flat, spending most evenings crafting and watching wonderfully terrible movies (most of which involved sharks), and I had a delicious new nephew for whom to make something cool.
I themed my shark design around Chuck Taylor sneakers – his name is Charlie – so I used some cool sneaker-patterned fabric, and shoelaces for the teeth.
As the design evolved, I realised that it wasn’t actually suitable for a newborn – but it was a great deal of fun to make!
Fast-forward past the launch of Copper Catkin, with fat quarters for sale on my stall, I needed a few soft toys as examples of what you can make with small amounts of fabric – it’s not just for quilting! My shark (and my two soft-toy mudskippers) stepped into the limelight to entertain and amuse.
Not long after the shark began to accompany us regularly to markets, my baby niece arrived. To connect her design to her older brother’s, and because she was born around Christmas, I made her a trifle shark fabric design. I added a sharkstorm element because I was (still) obsessed with Sharknado.
And now, the design is available in fabric, jewellery, custom-printed accessories, and more 🙂
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