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​5 Seconds of Summer

Or ‘what I did in my holidays’

​It’s hardly been the summeriest of summers in Wellington, NZ, but we have still managed to be very productive, here at Copper Catkin HQ.
This last fortnight, George and I have spent every spare minute working on new designs, several batches of new jewellery, putting together a new stock management system, building new displays for the new Miss Match range, designing and printing new ‘matchbook’ packaging, designing and ordering our fancy new gazebo from Hercules Gazebos, uploading new products to our Etsy store, gradually making around 200 of our Spoonflower designs available to buy directly through Spoonflower, creating new designs for RedBubble, and coming up with lots of new product lines (watch this space) to incorporate even more of our creative ideas.
​​The hardest part, actually, has been choosing which of our many ideas to pursue first. What’s the opposite of a writer’s block? A writer’s flood? An overwhelm? Anyway, that’s what’s been happening in my brain over the last month. I still have a reserve of about 20 designs waiting to be given the time to emerge, and there’s so much other stuff I want to make, too… It’s wonderful 🙂
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