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Fabric design collections – Legacy

I have been designing fabrics casually for years, under the banner of Phersu Dancing. These are some of my old collections, that will be rebooted and updated for sale if people are interested.


My poppy designs were some of my most popular sellers ever. I made them into designs for my packaging, and also as a fabric design, aimed for tablecloths for my market displays, and dresses. 

Jellybean Butterfly

My Jellybean Butterfly collection is an oldie but a goodie – it came out of a design for something bright and colourful to go on the bottom of the custom longboard that my husband was building for me. Sadly, I had an old injury that flared up, and as a result, I couldn’t learn to longboard, so the physical deck never eventuated. The design was so charming, though, that I decided to make it into jewellery, and I had a small length of the fabric printed. 

I have plans to fill out the collection with simple, complimentary patterns – jellybeans, coffee beans, butterflies, and stripes. 

Stained-Glass Butterfly

The butterflies that I used for the Art Nouveau stained-glass butterfly collections were the ones that I drew for the Jellybean Butterfly fabric. 
I coloured them differently, and then used them in a variety of new designs for my ‘Steampunk Butterfly’ collection, using the cog designs that my husband and I created for our wedding stationery. The little twist with these was that the stripe is created from the word ‘Steampunk’ in barcode font.
I have refreshed these designs, and added some more, below. 

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