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Clothes for a curvy kumara

There’s something comforting about having your ducks in a row. I know what shape I am:
I know what sort of garments I want to make for my shape, and which ones I want to start out focussing on. 
And I even know how to get them! I’m working with a pattern-maker now to get my designs turned into reality. In the meantime, because I have the clothing shapes and the fabric designs, old and new, well underway, I can start thinking about how I will combine them into successful outfits.
Using the magic of MS Paint, I have figured out how to use my garment sketches as stencils – I overlay them on my fabric design patterns to see how they would work out as dresses. Here’s an example of the process:
And here are some mock-ups of the outfits that I plan to make for my test-drives. Which ones should I choose???
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