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Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe for Outpawed

We’re excited that our Premium Stallholders, Neko Ngeru, have finally secured some great premises right on Jackson Street, in the heart of Petone. 
Neko Ngeru (cat in Japanese and Maori) was founded to give more opportunities for cats to be adopted! You can watch, pet, play with and cuddle our cats and it is possible to adopt your favourite and bring it to your home! Located at 291 Jackson St in Petone, we aim to open in October 2017 – if we can find a roofer!


We are looking for a good roofer who would be available soon to redo the roof of the building we are leasing for the cafe. If we don’t find one, it will delay the opening.

What’s your story?

Ken and Richelle met in the same school in Osaka, Japan, which is Ken’s home town. (Richelle is from San Diego, CA). 
At the time Ken had two rescued cats (Mi Two and Madara) and Richelle decided to adopt another one (Mao, he was one day away from being euthanized) after they got married. They took their three cats to every country they lived, Kuwait, the US, Mexico and China. They not only bought their own cats but also rescued, fostered and found homes for many others in the countries they lived. In Shanghai. Ken joined the animal rescue group, Bow Meow Shanghai, and attended many adoption events, organised two of his own adoption events at the school where he worked, and found homes for many rescued cats and dogs.​
 ​Faced with the need to stop teaching PE due to physical limitations, Ken hit upon the idea of opening a cat cafe in New Zealand. While in Shanghai working with rescue groups, it became clear that the main difficulty in getting animals adopted was giving people chances to get to know them. A cat adoption cafe seemed a perfect way for people to meet a cat in a homey setting to see if it is the one to bring home.
Less than one year after arriving in New Zealand, Richelle and Ken are working hard to make this dream come true and they will have a crowdfunding page so you can help too! 
Neko Ngeru are selling Entertainment Books and giving the 20% profit to the rescue organisations with whom they work. 

Outpawed Raffle


Outpawed is one of the rescue organisations with whom Neko Ngeru will be working, to help find perfect forever homes for the kitties!

As well as all their work to help cat rescue organisations in the Wellington region, Neko Ngeru are donating a reusable Karma Kup, worth $30, to the Outpawed raffle. 

This is a reusable cup made from high quality glass.
Size: 140 x 95mm dia, 320ml
“We at Neko Ngeru believe reusing is important for a sustainable society so we would like to encourage our customers to bring their own cups. You can get a small discount if you bring your own cup!”

Tickets for the raffle will be available at the August Petone Winter Market, 10.30am to 3pm, 19th August, at the Petone Baptist Church, 38 Buick Street, Petone.

​The Petone Winter Markets are the place to buy locally made creations, snack on tasty treats, and fuel up with coffee from Ripe. Drop off the kids at the fully fenced play area while you browse our 30+ indoor stalls and take in the stylings of some local entertainers. There will be all kinds of winter woollies, magpie treasures, tasty treats, and fantastic gift ideas for all! Bring a carry bag – we’re a plastic-bag-free event.

In the weeks leading up to each market, we will be running a gold-coin-entry colouring competition, featuring poster artwork by Cat Drayer from Copper Catkin. Proceeds from the competition will help local charity Outpawed with the care and management of stray and feral cats (and KITTENS) in the Wellington region. The prize is a fantastic play-date with some Outpawed kittens. KITTENS! 

Join us and help brighten these wintery weekends with some family-friendly handmade goodness!
​And did we mention KITTENS?​

The Outpawed Rescue Trust

​Enter our colouring competitions or buy some tasty treats on the day to help raise funds for our chosen cause, Outpawed!

​“Outpawed is a NZ-registered charity dedicated to the care and management of stray and feral cats in the Wellington region. 

We provide shelter for wild cats and kittens, and aim to desex, socialise, vaccinate, microchip and find homes for as many of these cats as possible. We are also involved in trap-neuter-return (TNR) for cats that cannot be integrated into a household environment. Where TNR is necessary, cats are released into managed colonies where they are fed and monitored.

We aim to work with local government and other animal welfare organisations to obtain the best outcome possible for the feral cat population. Our goal is to reduce this population over time through desexing and adoption.

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