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August Colouring Competition for Outpawed

July’s Competition winner

We had some really great entries to last months’ colouring competition – and young Holly was our winner! 

August’s competition is still open! 

You can still enter – online or in person, at the Petone Winter Markets this Saturday

​What’s the prize?

The prize is an amazing play-date with kittens at Outpawed Rescue Trust!! 
A 90 minute play date with the kittens, aged approximately between 8 and 16 weeks. Morning/afternoon tea will be provided. The winner may bring up to two friends (or family) to join them. The play date can take place either in Whitby or Newlands (chosen by the winner). There will be one (1) prize per market.

​How do I enter?

Download the image, print it out, colour it in, scan it as a common file type (such as .pdf, .jpg or .png), then go to the entry form and attach it with your entry details. Indicate how you will make your donation, and you’re in the competition!
We are also accepting entries with gold coin donations at each of at the Petone Winter Markets events.

This is a fundraiser, so we ask that every entrant also makes a donation to Outpawed of at least $1 per entry.

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