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Rabbit Rescue Update

Well then, it’s only been a wee while since my last post, but so much has happened!
To help with my sanity, I will focus this post on the WRR fundraiser, and the next one on Copper Catkin itself.
So the first big news is that I have finished all three panels for the WRR fundraiser!
There will be three designs available – ‘Beyond the Kale’, Weasels in the Warren’, and ‘Carrot Cartel’. 
Over the last month, I have been running a survey to get an idea of what people would buy, and how much they would be likely to pay.
I’ve also been organising our Kickstarter team, so that we can get the video clip made, and get things underway. I’m very lucky to have some amazing friends on board, and I will update you about the Kickstarter once we have it up and running.
From the survey results, we know that people are interested in the products we plan to offer, which is really exciting – and it confirms that my instincts for product and pricepoint were also bang on the money, which is really comforting.
It looks like initially, we’re going to be offering tea towels, tote bags, postcards, limited edition signed colour prints, and if we make our initial goals, t-shirts and mugs, too – so if you’re interested, follow Copper Catkin on Facebook for updates!
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