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Tahitian Water Lilies

So many of my designs are inspired by photographs or comments that people make, and this one is no exception. My step-father is an amazing amateur photographer; combined with the fact that he and my mother do a great deal of travelling, this means that my feed is often filled with beautiful photographs of amazing places. These water lillies were in a small body of water outside Le Meridien hotel in Tahiti in August 2016.

The reflection of the sky in some of them, and the red wall in others, meant that I could easily see the opportunity to make a while range of colourways for the design.

Once I sat down and got into it, it didn’t take long to distill the essence of the water lilies from these photos.
After that, it was simply a matter of colouring them, and finding the right backgrounds. I made several new stripes and plaids in the process, which was useful!
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