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August 2017 Petone Winter Market – part 1

A photographic tour

When you walk around a busy craft market, you don’t often get the chance to take everything in. There are so many amazing things to see that it can be a sort of sensory overload. This feeling is why I always recommend that people take one walk all the way around first, then come back for a second, more detailed look. If you only go around once, there’s so much you can miss!

Starting at the start

We’re going to break up our visit into manageable chunks. This post will cover the entranceway and the lobby.

RIPE Coffee

If you’re one of the people cheerfully queuing up for our #goodyvouchers, you will have time to notice the presence of the adorably vintage Betsy the coffee truck from RIPE Coffee.


​”Betsy is our coffee camper girl and the soul of any good party. She is a 1966 Austin Paralanian Camper that we have fitted out to do promotions, functions and community events. She’s just hit the grand age of 50 this year so she’s been around for a while. Not only does she look fabulous – she also makes awesome coffee!”

Jonny Ocean Trading’s Kampot Pepper

Next, we have a newcomer to our August market, ​Jonny Ocean Trading – Suppliers of World famous Kampot Pepper. Freya will be here again in September, so don’t miss out – pepper and its accoutrements make a great gift for the people who have everything! 
“We are an Ethical Business trading in high quality exotic fine food and that pays the local farmers in developing countries an equitable price for the highest quality and most unique natural products.
Kampot Pepper is a rare spice, known to be one of the most distinctive in the world; it’s a pepper like you’ve never tasted before, appreciated for its delicacy and sweetness by fine food enthusiasts across the world.”

Goody Vouchers

Some lucky people received some of our Goody Vouchers in the lollipop lucky dip – we hope you enjoyed your gifts, treats, or discounts!

Neko Ngeru Cat Café

As we move into the foyer, we are met with the first group of stalls. On our left, Ken and Richelle from Neko Ngeru, who are currently celebrating finding a location for their Cat Adoption Café – you can help support their efforts here. Ken and Richelle support many cat rescues, including Petone Winter Markets’ chosen charity, Outpawed.
Find out more about us here:


Next to Neko Ngeru, we have Elle from Doodlebum – ​The art, illustrations and melodic doodles of a stay at home mum, with some crafty jewellery and candles thrown in for good measure. True to her name, Elle was doodling 🙂
I spend most of my spare time creating things, and you will always find me with at least one drawing book and pen case within harms reach!
I started Doodlebum as a hobby business after my daughter was born, but in 2016 I managed to take it to that next level and run it full time! I am proud of what I’ve achieved but there is still a long way to go and many more exciting plans to come over the coming years.

​I create my own colouring books and artwork , soy wax melts and candles and super sparkly nail polish jewellery.

You can find out more about me and my stall here:


On the other side of the entrance is Adi from MARTYGIRLskinfood
“I handmake 100% natural skincare using foraged weeds & herbs from the roadside then infusing in oils and making hydrosols that are incorporated into all of my products! My products – all 26 of them – are healing, ethical, but funky – and they work! I have named them after geological features of the Wairarapa; Lake Ferry Lady Body silk, Featherston Fox Body Mousse, Longbush Lad SPF face cream!”
Find out more about me and what I make here:

Coracle Creations

Kim from Coracle Creations is next to Adi, and also comes over from the Wairarapa.
“I create and teach workshops on polymer clay jewelry and wands. ​I sell crystal polymer clay pendants, wands for children, fairy godmothers and good witches.”
You can find out more about me and my creations here:
@coraclecreations on Instagram

Fudge’n Hell

Here at Fudge’nhell we handmake delicious silky smooth fudge in a wide variety of flavours including classic chocolate, lolly cake, russian and rocky road.
The third stall on the right as you enter the foyer, next to Kim, is Nic’s Fudge’n Hell – an ever-changing selection of intriguing and delicious fudge and other sweet treats.
You can find out more about me here:


As you move towards the entrance to the main hall, you are presented with a cornucopia of delicious treats from Outpawed, the charity that we are supporting as part of the Petone Winter Markets.
We will be running a fundraiser bake sale out of the kitchen at all three events, and we will also be providing the prize for our fundraiser colouring competition in conjunction with Copper Catkin, click here for more details.

KITTENS! From Outpawed <3

We were lucky enough to have a visit for part of the day from three adorable little kittens, who will be available from Outpawed very soon!

Petone Winter Markets HQ

The Copper Catkin stall is also market headquarters, so if you’re looking for Petone Winter Markets tote bag, or the Koha jars for our performers, this is the place to go!
Please don’t forget Koha for our performers – they’re busking, so every dollar counts! Here’s the lovely Willow, taking the jar around.

Copper Catkin

As the organiser of the events, you will find me, Cat, my husband George, and my stall at all three Petone Winter Markets.
My passion is primarily for drawing – but I need art to be functional, so I justify my drawings by turning them into something tangible. I make earrings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, and other jewellery, sealing my artwork under glass. I also have my designs custom-printed onto fabrics, which I then turn into fun accessories
Copper Catkin is my website, and you can find out more about me and my work on Facebook, too:

Carry on the tour!

Continue your visit by clicking one of the images below to see more of August’s stallholders.

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