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The Insectivorous Plant collection is made up of a selection of plants that eat insects – Dionaea Muscipula, Drosera Binata, Heliamphora minor, Rafflesia arnoldii, Sarracenia Purpurea, with their victims, flies, and a honey bee.
Hand-drawn on paper and digitally coloured by Cat Drayer (that’s meee!).

Forked Sundew or Drosera Binata

Venus Fly-trap, or Dionaea Muscipula

I originally decided to do this series as a tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day design, inspired by a photo of the sundew in my Facebook feed. At first, I thought it was a curled silver fern frond, but when I realised it was a carnivorous plant, the subversive nature (love you to death – I could just eat you up) of using it as a Valentine’s Day artwork appealed to my sense of humour.
Of course, once I knew that I was doing an insectivorous design, the ideas for additional plants to draw came thick and fast.
The Venus Fly-trap is probably the most famous and recognisable carnivorous plant, so of course, it had to be included in this series. 

Pitcher Plant, or ​Heliamphora minor

The pitcher plant is probably the second most common insectivorous plant to be kept ‘as a pet’. It took me a long time sifting through inspiration pictures to settle on the Heliamphora minor, and it was one of the hardest to colour.

Stinking Corpse Lily, or Rafflesia arnoldii

The corpse lily is actually a parasite, not a carnivorous plant, but its bizarre appearance, and the fact that it’s the largest individual flower on earth, secured it a place in the line-up. It also works quite well with the others, because not only does it smell like dead things, but it also attracts flies (which pollinate the flower).

Side-saddle flower, or ​Sarracenia Purpurea

​Sarracenia purpurea is commonly known as the purple pitcher plant, northern pitcher plant, turtle socks, or side-saddle flower. I wanted something with a weird flower and a vertical shape, so this flower rounded out the collection nicely.

The collection

The ‘Insectivorous plants’ collection is available in a range of variations – the same colourway on multiple backgrounds, and a variety of other colourways.
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