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So, I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying to come up with a good system to help women identify if an outfit would fit them or not.

I figured out that the closest thing to my own shape was the New Zealand sweet potato, called a kūmara.

I started doodling shapes, to see if I could figure out the different plus-size body types. As you can tell from my drawings, the ones closest to my shape were the easiest for me to draw.
I posted on my Facebook wall, inviting comment, and was pleased to find that I had correctly identified enough of the right shapes that my friends could find themselves in the drawing. 

Beautiful Butternut


Pretty Parsnip


Curvy Kumara


Ravishing Radish


Saucy Shallot

I decided to test the shapes on the range of possible designs that I had come up with for my own, kumara shape on these shapes, to see what happened – and it was fascinating.  
First, the dress – as it seems to fit almost every shape, this one is a dead cert. Pretty parsnips with smaller busts may not like them as much, but given that it’s a stretch bodice, at least they won’t sag the way a structured/tailored bodice will. As expected, the hourglass wears it the best, but the kumara (highlighted) doesn’t look too terrible, either 🙂
Another fairly universal winner is the blouse, although its success with each shape will be more a case of personal taste. A lot of women will also feel better if it’s belted, which leads me to the next one – the cincher.
The shape is still very much a draft, but the effect is very specific – and as you can see, it only really suits the bustier shapes. I think it will be worth spending a lot of time on developing the cincher design, because if it’s good, it will be very, very good, but if it’s not – ugh.
The skirt is another very subjective design. Again, it looks best on the curvier figures, although the radish still has enough va-va-voum to carry it off – poor parsnip. We will have to devote some serious attention to her, down the track.
Conclusion – these designs will definitely work for the kumara:
They probably won’t work for all the shapes, though – so I am going to take a punt and rate them as I expect they will play out:
Dress: Shallot, Butternut, Kumara, Radish.
Blouse: Shallot, Butternut, Kumara.
Cincher: Shallot, Butternut, Kumara, Radish.
​Skirt: Shallot, Butternut, Kumara.
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