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Work Your Quirk on the Cotton Catwalk!

 Are you interested in providing research inputs for Copper Catkin? Would you like to see your shape used to develop garments that will actually fit and flatter you?
If you answered ‘yes’, then please send me through a set of 3 ‘technical’ photos (these are for the garment development) and 5-10 ‘dynamic’ photos (these are to help visualise how the garments and the fabrics might perform ‘in the wild’).

Your original photos will never be displayed publicly, and you will only be credited if you want to be. 

Technical poses

A ‘technical’ pose is relaxed, arms down by your sides, head facing straight ahead. 
A set of technical pose photos is front, back, and profile, wearing close-fitting clothing that changes your shape as little as possible.

Dynamic poses

A ‘dynamic’ pose is more realistic. I’m not talking Charlie’s Angels, here (although that could be funny, too), or very posed pseudo-sexy stretches – I mean something closer to natural movement, but frozen at an interesting point. Think Madonna’s “Vogue” meets dancing under a strobe light.
It would also be really helpful to have your measurements, so that we can start to build up our data:


In order to be able to use your photos, I will need photos of you, in fitted clothes that don’t alter your body shape significantly (except a bra – as these are clothes designed to go over your underwear, please wear what you normally would). Photos should be taken in good light, with your body clearly outlined against a neutral background. 
If you’re keen, please PM through Copper Catkin’s Facebook page:
the 3 technical poses

  • Front
  • Back
  • Profile (side)

5-10 dynamic poses, also suitable for use as silhouettes, for example:

  • one or both arms up
  • one or both arms out
  • hands on hips
  • legs akimbo
  • dance moves
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